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For a detailed understanding of the curriculum, pls refer to our blog-"At Home Curriculum". You get lifetime access to all the material so that you can complete the program at your own pace.

Weekly/Daily Schedule

Our schedule consist of daily activities under 7 different categories-preparation activities, positive affirmations, eye exercises, intuition exercises, imaging, memory building and flashcards.


We start with 100 flashcards a week and slowly build it up to 200. Our flashcards are divided into basic and advanced categories and cover a wide range of topics-encyclopedia, maths, phonics, words, science, art, culture, abacus, music & FRENCH!

RBE Activities

  • Preparation Activities- Variety of activities kids can do at home to get them ready for the session-meditations, blowing, yoga, music, dance, etc.

  • Alpha Music

  • Positive affirmations and thoughts

  • Eye exercises

  • Intuition building activities

  • Imaging-Photoeyeplay cards and guided imagery audios and text

  • Memory-Medley of memory building exercises along with linking memory and peg memory

  • Music Therapy-Raagas as per time of day

  • Homemade Books

Bonus Activities

  • Positive affirmations for the subconscious mind-To be played when the child falls asleep

  • Tangram Puzzles

  • Shichida 65 day math prograM

Pricing Plans

Quarterly Package

Rs 2,500/-

Our starter pack to get you started on your RBE journey. 


  • 12 weeks schedule with daily activities​ and flashcard videos

  • All the items specified under 'Inclusions' section

  • Weekly one-to-one calls till 12 weeks

Half yearly package

Rs. 3,850/-

Our half-yearly plan that keeps you up-to-date with all the materials and guidance.


  • 24 weeks schedule with daily activities

  • All the items specified under 'Inclusions' section

  • Weekly one-to-one calls till 24 weeks

  • Bonus-Speed Reading

Annual Package

Rs. 5,600/-

Our annual plan that has you covered for the whole year and more.


  • 48 weeks schedule with daily activities​

  • All the items specified under 'Inclusions' section

  • Weekly one-to-one calls till 48 weeks

  • Bonus-Abacus course, French Audio Course, Eyesight improvement, Handwriting Improvement, Phonics worksheets and Rubik's Cube guide.

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