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List of Programs

Empowering Young Minds

Digital Program

Are you looking for a complete home-based program that you can follow anytime of the day as per your convenience? Then this is the program for you. We give you daily and weekly plans with all the material in the form of presentations. You can either print it out or show on the screen. We counsel you throughout the program and personalize it as per your child's needs and interests.

Distance Learning

Flashcard Kits

If you would rather purchase physical cards, we have flashcard kits available at very competitive rates. For babies below 3 months, we recommend you start with infant stimulation cards. For children above 3 months, you can opt for our reading program, math program or encyclopedia kit! And yes, we guide you on how to use these kits with your children.

Mother and Baby on Floor

Foreign Language Program

If you have a child between 0-6 years of age and are wondering what's the best time to introduce a foreign language, the answer is today! Our foreign language program has a total of 5600+ video flashcards in French, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin. They cover alphabets, pictures and maths-great for giving your children a basic exposure to languages- paving the way for multilingualism later in life.

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For what age group is the program?

The program is for children aged 3 months-6 years. We take in children anytime before their sixth birthday. For newborns, we have a set of infant stimulation flashcards that are great for stimulating their vision.

I'm a working parent. Will I be able to take out time for this program?

The program requires anything from a few minutes to maximum half an hour a day-5 days a week. On busy days, you can choose to do the quick 5 minute version. So even the busiest parent can do it.

Are these online classes?

No. The program is a self-paced, home-based program. We give you the materials, weekly plans and the counselling so that you can follow it anytime of the day that’s suitable for you.

Is this a digital or physical program?

In our digital program, all the material is provided online. You can either show it on screen or print it out. As the flashcards are shown only for a few minutes and with parental involvement, one doesn’t really need to worry about screen time. Still, many parents prefer to print them and show. We leave the choice to you.
We also have physical flashcards for parents who wish to purchase from us.

My baby is below 2 years. Will he/she be able to do all the activities?

Children don’t need to sit through the entire session, even if they’re not actively paying attention, a part of their brain is still taking in information.

Babies below 2 years of age won’t be able to do some of the activities. The parent can either skip them and do them at a later stage or do them with the baby in their arms. 

For how long should I do the program?

You can start with either of our plans-they'll give you a good understanding of RBE. Our program is quite extensive and the material lasts for a much longer period than the specified time. Once you've exhausted the material, you can choose to stay with us or make your own material.
But remember, this is not a few months program that you do and stop. It’s a parenting philosophy that will not show instant results. We urge parents not to test their children and continue to enjoy the sessions with them. Remember, the most important element of the program is fun! The child will not learn anything if he’s not having fun. Don’t force it!

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