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About Us

Braintastic is an IIM-B Cohort start-up founded by Pankhuri Bindal-A St. Stephen's(DU) & NMIMS(Mumbai) Alum.

We provide a comprehensive course on Right Brain Education that helps parents tap into the innate potential of their child's brain in the most important years of 0-6.

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Right Vs. Left

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ~ Albert Einstein​


The intuitive mind is also known as the right brain🧠 whereas the rational mind is the left brain🧠. The current education system focuses on the left brain abilities like logic, analysis, memorization but has not yet catered to the right brain.


The right brain learns subconsciously and effortlessly and is the seat of some miraculous hidden superpowers like photographic memory✔️, superior linguistic skills📃, intuition👁️, supercomputer💻-like mathematical skills etc.  Children’s right brain is naturally dominant and they start losing this ability by the age of 6📉, when the left brain becomes dominant. When stimulated at the right time, children can develop some amazing abilities🎓 that are otherwise dormant in the brain.

Kids in Preschool

Key Features

Home-Based Program on RBE

0 to 10 mins screen time

Choose from flashcard kits & digital course


Daily Content

The web app will show you the activities for the day.

Required only 5 minutes a day!

Even the busiest parent can do it!

Most Comprehensive

RBE Course

Including activities under 10 different heads

No online classes!


Do the course as per your convenience

Value For Money

Affordable, flexible plans

Kids with Capes

Benefits of Right Brain Education

The Right Brain methodology has yielded exceptional results in bringing up children who are not just high on IQ, but have other equally important characteristics like emotional intelligence, resilience, a vibrant personality and a caring and loving heart. Read more about the benefits of RBE in the document below.

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