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Did you know that Indian Classical Music has the power to increase your child's intelligence?

Infant Music Therapy

Most people know that music is a good thing in a child’s life, but do they know just how important it is for their child’s learning ability? Research shows music and the brain are often team players when it comes to speech, language, emotional grounding, auditory processing and sensory integration.
Plato once said, “Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education”
Scientific studies at some of the most respected universities in the world indicate that children introduced to classical music at a young age read earlier and perform better on achievement tests. Introducing children to Indian classical music can: accelerate language development, improve maths and science skills, increase memory and concentration, improve reading comprehension and retention, enhance physical coordination & benefit children with learning disabilities & more. Indian classical music is a powerful tool for any parent who wants to help their child develop into a bright, well-rounded and confident adult.

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Music strengthens the Auditory, Visual and Motor Areas of the Brain. These areas lay the foundation for speech and language, reading, maths and brain organisation. Because music strengthens and exercises all these areas, it is a way all kids can learn and learn easier. As per research, infants exposed to classical music do better on standardised tests.

Certain pieces of classical music can change the way the brain processes information and help us absorb, retain and retrieve information. When the child listens to this music, the electromagnetic frequency of the brain changes thus allowing him/her to focus and concentrate better. Memory and retention of information will increase.

The classical music pathways in our brain are similar to the pathways we use for spatial reasoning. Babies who grow up listening to classical music develop strong music related connections(synapses) in the brain. Research suggests the complexity of Indian classical music primes the brain to solve spatial problems(e.g puzzles) more quickly.

Indian classical music helps calm the mind of babies. This makes them happier, less fussy and more likely to develop a sleeping pattern early on. When the child is asleep, the brain waves are in delta state, the most receptive state of the brain. The good effects go directly into the subconscious.

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