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Is Right Brain Education a quick 'make your child a genius' scheme?

Every once in a while, I come across a parent who asks questions like - 'I want my child's name in the book of records, by when can I achieve this with your program?' or 'Will my child be able to answer all the flashcards correctly?'

Before we ask such questions, let's ask ourselves- what is it that we are trying to achieve with this methodology? Even if our children are able to tell all the different species of dinosaurs- is that a skill that they can use in their daily life? No, right?

Truth be told, children learn primarily through their 'right brain' or their 'subconscious brain' in the first 3 years. This is the main reason why children pick up languages so effortlessly. While the subconscious brain learns in a flash(like a camera), the conscious brain learns the same information slowly and with effort.

At around the age of 6, children's 'left brain' or 'conscious brain' becomes dominant and to they have to later exert a lot of effort to learn the same language.

While we all send our children to school to enable them to learn via their left brain, most of us are unable to access our right brain which is the seat of some miraculous superpowers like photographic memory, perfect pitch, creativity, superior IQ, linguistic skills, intuition and more.

Children who go through this methodology are able to use more of their brains and hence excel at a lot of different areas.

In a nutshell, the main purpose of flashing cards is not just to train children's photographic memory but it is to stimulate their right brain which can develop better with the help of this method of subconscious learning. Since all the areas of the brain are interconnected, this leads to development of other areas in the right brain as well.

These children turn out to be not just quick learners but also display some amazing abilities like heightened intuition, imagination, creativity and better linguistic and mathematical skills.

To know more about our program on right brain education, contact us!

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