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At Home Curriculum-Flashcards

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Speed Play-Flashcards

For an introduction on flashcards and why they are used in right brain methodology, refer to an earlier post here.

Types of Flashcards

Virtually anything can be taught to kids using flashcards-from science to phonics to reading to maths-there’s no limit to the number of flashcards you should have. It’s the most effortless method of teaching as babies and toddlers are in a state where they’ll absorb everything that’s in front of them.

How to Use Flashcards?

  • How to? Introduce each set before starting the cards. Eg. “Vehicles”, “words”, etc.

  • How fast? Speed is important. It’s recommended to flash cards at a rate of 1 second per card or less

  • How Many? Start with 100 per month and try to cover as much as possible. You can go upto 1000 cards per month

  • How Many Times? Once a day is good. If your child is unable to sit through, break it into parts.

  • Repetitions? You can show the same set for a week, take a break over the weekend and then resume another set the following week.

Important Considerations

  • Remember to have fun and enjoy the session. If you or your child is bored, stop the session right then.

  • Stop before the child wants to stop. Don’t overdo it. Keep them wanting more.

  • The child doesn’t have to sit through the session. Especially for babies, even if they’re not paying attention, continue to flash the cards. They might not be watching, but a part of their brain is still listening and taking in information.

  • Customize the session as per their interest. E.g. if they like math, do more math.

  • Give up all logic while doing right brain activities. Don’t try to make your child memorize.

  • Don’t test the child. Trust that they’re learning.

  • Hug and encourage the child before and after the session. Remember, the right brain functions on love.

At Braintastic, we provide a variety of flashcards on a lot of different topics.

For details, enrol in our home-based program for children aged 0-6 years. Contact us to know more.

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Soumia Ounissi
Soumia Ounissi
16 lip 2023

How many cards can we expose per day? Can we use words that start with the same sound?

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