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At Home Curriculum-Speed Reading

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

In speed reading, children are trained to see images of words, pictures, patterns, shapes, etc. When you see words as images, you can read at a very fast speed, with proper comprehension.

However, speed reading is done only after the child has succeeded in developing right brain memory. For right brain memory training, a child is asked to look at a model card for 1 minute. Then the model is turned over. The child is now asked to arrange the colour chips the way he saw it on a piece of cardboard. This game is to be attempted after the child has succeeded in remembering cards in sequence with the Linking method. Increase the number of chips to memorize gradually. If your child can memorize 40 chips, it’s a sign that right brain imagery memory is being developed.

For one minute writing training, have your child read sentences of a very easy story for one minute and have him rewrite it exactly the way he read it and verify what he wrote. Make sure he writes it exactly the same way including punctuation and line changes. Repeat this process a few times until he’s able to write it perfectly. Then move to another text.

Before attempting speed reading, it’s important to do pre-lessons which include-

  1. Meditation

  2. Suggestions

  3. Imagery

We at Braintastic provide specific imagery affirmations that help the child perform speed reading successfully. The ‘Teeny tiny person’ imagery is another excellent tool to help the child imagine himself flying into a picture book. You can ask him what he saw and read in the book. He would answer correctly, without even opening the pages of the book. This speed reading is called wave speed reading-when the child flips the pages of the book several times and gets to know what is written in the book. As the child gets information via wave and not by reading, the book can even be written in a foreign language.

Sounds quite unbelievable, right? This is a fairly advanced form of right brain training, however a lot of students in various Shichida academies have performed these feats successfully.

Your child can enrol in the speed reading program once he has developed right brain memory and imagery.

For details, enrol in our home-based program for children aged 0-6 years. Contact us to know more.

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