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RBE-Part 5-Principle of Whole Brain Education

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Recent studies have shown that Albert Einstein’s brain had a huge corpus callosum. For the uninitiated, the corpus callosum is the part of the brain that connects the two hemispheres and makes brain regions with very different functions work together. The ability to use right brain creativity and left brain logic simultaneously may have been what made Einstein a genius.

Norman Geshwind and Albert Garaberda of Harvard University examined the human brains anatomically and found that geniuses are using these two brains in good balance, while the ordinary people use their left brain most of the time.

Dr. J. E. Bogen of California University of Technology, says "People fail to use their right brain,ignoring its potential. So far,education has been concerned with educating the left brain, which is analogous to a child not being allowed to attend school, in spite of the fact that he has the possibility of achieving the higher level."

The twenty first century education should be a well-balanced education using both the brains.

We promote whole brain education by developing the right brain and connecting it to the left brain, thus, allowing both sides of the brain to work together in balance.

The following are the characteristics of right brain education-

  1. Instead of teaching by reasoning, we input a large amount of facts. The right brain finds rules that exist among the facts and uses its automatic processing function which freely manipulates information.

  2. We put emphasis on training senses. People receive stimuli from the environment through their senses. The right brain has its own senses which are totally separate from the left brain senses. When you develop right brain senses, your image ability will be developed and other right brain abilities will also be developed by its connection

  3. In addition to sense training, we also emphasise memory training. Right brain memory will foster rich association ability, imagination, and creativity.

  4. Rhythm and speed are very important in this method. Right rhythm and speed will foster fast response and thinking power, as well as an ability to receive and memorise images instantaneously.

As a result, this method creates children who can overcome the hurdle of natural talent, and can easily achieve a high IQ.

However, one should consider all aspects of raising children with the goal of whole person education-without overemphasising on intellectual training but also other areas like social skills, personality development and discipline.

For details, enrol in our home-based program for children aged 0-6 years. Contact us to know more.

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