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RBE-Part 7-Healing Power of the Right Brain

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

We know from the previous articles that the right brain is a visual brain that operates at a subconscious level and that visualization can help us achieve our goals. In addition, visualization is a powerful technique for healing ourselves or our loved ones. Our body possesses natural healing abilities which can be given a push with these awesome techniques.

Here is how to you can use it-

This technique achieves the best results when we’re asleep-as the left brain loses its dominance and the right brain takes over. Healing power of the right brain can be used by the five minute positive statement method.

It goes as follows-

Stroke the body of the healing child(any part), and say the following-

  1. (Child’s name) You’re a genius

  2. You can cure any disease

  3. You can lower your fever, and

  4. Now you’re completely cured.

You keep on saying these sentences and stroking your child’s body for 5 minutes. The sentences can be changed according to the child’s disease.

You can also apply this method to yourself. Here is how-

Sit on the bed before you go to sleep and breathe deeply. First, breathe out deeply for 8 seconds, imagining that all bad things in your body go out as you breathe. Then, breathe deeply for 8 seconds imagining that good cosmic energy is coming in as you breathe in. Then, stop breathing for 8 seconds and imagine that you’re completely cured. Do this for 5-10 minutes and sleep.

Teeny Tiny Person’s Image

The law of images of the right brain is that what you imagine comes true. In sports, it is more effective to do image training than simple physical training. ln treating illness, imaging has the power to cure diseases.

Here is how you do it-

“Today, we’re going to image that we’re going to become a teeny tiny person.Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Now, exhale as much as you can. Exhale more and more.Now, inhale. Take in as much oxygen as possible.At the same time, imagine a lot of good energy is coming in through the bottom of your feet.When you exhale, imagine all the bad energy is going out of your body.Repeat this inhaling and exhaling ten times, continuing to image. When you are breathing solely like this, you are becoming very calm and relaxed.There is no tension in your body or in your mind. You feel as if you’re almost falling asleep. It’s very easy for you to image. Now, I’m going to count backwards from ten to one. As the number decreases, your body gets smaller.Your body is going to get smaller and smaller and finally become invisible and able to enter into anything you want.You could go inside a flower or a fruit like an apple or an orange, or a vegetable like pumpkin or even a very hard rock. You could go inside your family member’s body, or even inside your own body, and find out what is causing any pain and heal it with image.OK! I am going to start counting down. 10,9, you are getting smaller and smaller.8,7, even smaller. 6,5, yes, you are getting smaller.You can be even smaller.4,3, yes, now you’re like a pea. Let’s get even smaller so that you can become almost invisible.2,1, now you are almost invisible. Let them imagine going to the affected area and treating themselves. Then, bring them back to their original size.”

A mother of a three-year-old boy learned the teeny tiny person's image to cure the boy's fever. When her boy got feverish, she led him into a world of imagery, and he visualized the teeny tiny person’s image of getting rid of the fever. His temperature quickly went down to normal.

Another mother who was aware of this boy's experience tried the imaging when her daughter got nettle rash. On the way to the hospital, she led her daughter into a world of imagery and had her imagine that the rash was all gone. By the time they arrived at the hospital, the girl's nettle rash had all disappeared.

In our right brain program, we lead children into a world of imaginary stories that not only helps them build their creativity and focus, but also in achieving their goals and managing difficult emotions.

For details, enrol in our home-based program for children aged 0-6 years. Contact us to know more.

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