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At Home Curriculum-Imaging Exercises

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Image training is the most important thing in right brain education. It is because the right brain functions via image.

There are two types of activities in Image Play.

  1. After Image Training-In this activity, the mind is trained to capture and hold an image.A popular exercise for afterimage training is the Orange Card Image Training. In this, you take an orange card with a blue circle and ask your child to stare at it for 30 seconds, and then look at a white sheet of paper.Your child will see the colors in reverse. On practising daily, eventually your child will see the same colors as the card.

There are two goals of this training-

  1. Your child should be able to see themselves as an image and then use the visualization technique(Read more here)

  2. Your child will develop photographic memory i.e. they will be able to capture any image as if taking a photograph from the mind’s eye and then recall it anytime at will. This is the image memory which works better than any other type of memory. These children are able to perform well in exams naturally as they can memorize any page in a textbook.

I once coached a boy. After three months of training, he was able to see images when he closed his eyes. He gave a wonderful report: "Sir, when I try to visualize a word as an image, I can see the spelling in my head!"

2. Imaginary Play-In this, your child is taught to relax and focus the mind on the narrative being told. They’re encouraged to close their eyes and imagine the narrative in vivid detail like it’s happening in front of their eyes. This training is vital as it hones children's’ imagination capability and creativity.

Another way you can do this at home is to read a story and ask them to imagine every detail.

At Braintastic, we provide a variety of image play activities that keep children interested.

For in-depth details on each of these activities, enrol in our home-based program for children aged 0-6 years. Contact us to know more.

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