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RBE-Part 1-'Marriage of heart & Mind'

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Brief History of Right Brain Education Methodology

This methodology was originally pioneered by Glenn Doman in the 1960s. His institutes majorly work to develop the capabilities of brain damaged children through intense programs of mental and physical stimulation. When applied to normal children, these methods yielded exceptional results. Glen Doman’s programs are focused on various aspects including reading, maths, encyclopedic knowledge, physical development, music and more. Later, Makoto Shichida from Japan took these methods and further enhanced them to bring out childrens’ hidden abilities. Some examples include photographic memory, perfect pitch, creativity, superior IQ, linguistic skills, intuition and more. Following the amazing results, a lot of schools came up in Japan and Asia that followed these methodologies.

Part 1-Marriage of Heart & Mind

Dictionaries define "education" as "to teach knowledge and skills." However, the original meaning of this world in Latin is "to pull out the innate ability." Parents and teachers have a responsibility to "pull out" the originally large potential capability any child was born with to the fullest extent through education. One should not be caught up with immediate goals of child rearing. lf caught up with immediate goals only, one tends to focus on the child's intellectual growth. Let's focus on the long-term future, not an immediate one. The future of the world depends on the children of today.

We should not fall into the education trap that tries to produce the intellectually strong. “For what purpose do human beings live?”Ask your child this fundamental question about life and have him/her think about it.

In Nazi Germany, seemingly smart children eugenically produced were separated from their parents right after their births. They were experimentally given a superior education in a national education facility. This experiment ended in failure and did not produce any superior human beings. The children who were separated from their parents right after their births were raised without even knowing their parents name and heritage or what they looked like. They did not feel “love”. Instead, their hearts and minds were distorted. These children grew up to be adults who suffered from sad and uneasy feelings.

On the other hand, children who receive love can improve even over congenital difficulties. In various right brain education schools, there are many examples of those children with disabilities developing at par with healthy children.

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